At Ortis Ltd you can find a choice of cockroach treatments which are sure to nip the problem in the bud. Whatever your infestation size is, with our range of special treatments and products you will definitely get rid of it.

The treatment that we provide to our clients is a gel that can be used in households, restaurants, schools and even industrial premises. The product has a cascading effect. This means that it is a long term solution, unlike sprays and other products.

The gel has a range of benefits which will provide you with a surefire way to eradicate a range of cockroach species from your home or premises. The benefits of using this gel is that it has a surging effect, meaning that you can use it in very low doses in order to get a higher value for money.

The gel is also known for the fast and immediate results it provides.


We can provide you with a good DIY ant control substance that you can apply yourself in your own home. This product is designed to be used in the home, and it acts as both bait and insecticide. It is a very easy to use liquid gel that is done to eradicate ants both inside and outside your home.

This gel can be applied in drop form directly into cracks in your home, and when the ants come across it, they will think that it is food. This means that they will carry it into their nest. Once there, the gel’s insecticidal properties will kick in and eradicate the entire colony down to the last one of them.

It is an effective remedy against all common ant species and it is also suitable to apply close to the ants’ nest. This gel is ideal to use in garages, restaurants, offices and residential buildings.


At our store you can find a full range of rat and rodent control supplies and accessories including bait boxes and a wide assortment of poisons and traps. We supply our clients with a range of poisons in teabag form, wax block and even grain form.

As far as traps go, at our shop you can get a choice of snap traps, glue traps and more. Apart from all that, we at Ortis Ltd offer a range of services that include the installation, refilling and monitoring of any bait boxes that we install in restaurants, hotels and other public premises.

  • Beta bait station
  • Alpha bait station
  • Glue trap
  • Wax Block
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For the past 15 years, we at Ortis Ltd have devoted ourselves to rid a number of households, schools, restaurants, hotels and offices from a variety of problematic pests including rats, cockroaches, ants and bed bugs. We use a range of products which can either be employed in a DIY manner by yourself, or else we can send over or team of experts to do the dirty work for you.

We know what these pests’ weak points are, and we take full advantage of them. Certain creatures such as cockroaches, return to their nests to die and as their companions feast on their remains and fecal waste, the rest of the colony will also be poisoned and thoroughly eradicated, preventing any future infestations from happening.


At Ortis Ltd you can get a range of services which includes a step by step treatment to tackle your pest problem in a highly effective and efficient manner.

We provide our clients with on-site visits by our exterminators in order to determine why your infrastructural building is harbouring these creatures. At times the problem comes from structural defects within the premises such as cracks. This helps us determine what the next step of the treatment should be.

After that, we will provide you with the treatment application as suggested by our expert pest-control administrators. When that is done, our team will visit you for a second follow up treatment based on your building’s needs.

If you require smaller pest control jobs, we can also provide you with extensive DIY instructions along with products from our extensive range at our Ta’ Qali-based store.Our treatments are proven to last anywhere from six months to one year depending on the treatment chosen.


For more information on our products, or to request a site visit by our expert pest control team, leave us a message